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if you wont something similar to items below please get in touch
DAS001 Own hand mail   DAS001 - This is my own hand mail cost starts around 25.00 this was 45.00
DAS004 Cost around 30.00 DAS004 - Hand mail cost 35.00
DAS005 Decorated wine glass DAS005 - Decorated wine glass cost starts around 15.00 with glass
DAS006 Decorated wallet DAS006 - Decorated wallet cost starts around 25.00
DAS007 Teddys 10.00 DAS007 - Teddys 10.00 each
DAS008 Velvet Bags 1.00 DAS008 - Velvet Bags 1.50 each
DAS009 Teddys 15.00 DAS009 - Teddys 15.00 each

Please email me and tell me what you wish to be made and I will give you quote
Prices will very depending on size of links used, size of piece and metal used

e-mail Jayne

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